и с к р а ▪ Cause I fall in love with people’s passion, the way their eyes light up when they talk about the things they love. I think that we should leave some positive mark in this world… we already have a lot of negativity. I love people who are still motivated, still angry and still trying to shake things up! We need more youngsters like Vakulinchuk!

And I’ve never had a band but I looove it when I see the sparkle in the people’s eyes when they are creating and playing music. To share the emotion in front of a crowd, to place your ideas and dreams is so magical, passionate and respectful characteristic.

The years I spent promoting shows, booking and touring in Europe are the greatest moments and adventures I ever had! Everything I learned in my life I learned from the hardcore punk community! I got the chance to get to know a bunch of new, kind and humane people. Being part of the scene, going on tour, enjoying and living in the present moment fills my heart with warm feelings and positive emotions cause we share the joy – all together!

“I should warn you, tour is a habit-forming. If you are crazy enough to enjoy it in the first place, when you get home you will want to start planning the next one…”. So I think I’m… quite ready for another adventure!:) So if you wanna join: iskra.tourbooking@gmail.com … and enjoy the ride!

Till now I booked around 100 shows all over Europe for Noviot Pochetok (melancholic punk rock from Skopje, MKD) and we’re still touring…

I promoted/booked shows in Macedonia for bands like:
Trial (usa), Anchor (Sweden), Zad Agolot, Run With The Hunted (usa), Smut, SEEHEARSPEAK (Slovenia), Conquering Lion, Not On Tour (Israel), Vodka Juniors (Greece), Fonija, Spinners (Greece), Derrida (Finland), Foolish Green, Through These Eyes (Serbia), Greg Bennick (usa), Cheap Talk (Slovakia), Despite Everything (Greece), Anna O, Molokai, Dasha Fon Flasha (Slovakia), Real Life Version (Slovenia), Bernays Propaganda, Fluks, Last Hope (Bulgaria), Hitman (Serbia), Screaming For Change, XaXaXa, Shock Troopers, Furtive Forest (Serbia), Remnants…

As part of “All Together Distro”, “Password Production”, “Esperanza”, “Punk Rock Holiday”, I had the chance to work with artists like:
KRS ONE (usa), Nouvelle Vague (France), Parov Stelar (Austria), Tanya Stephens (Jamaica), Skindred (Wales), InxSane (Slovenia), Manu Chao (Spain), La Plebe (usa), Darko (us), Not on Tour (Israel), Petrol Girls (Austria), Day Oof (Greece), Actionmen (Italy), Seine (Croatia), 69 Enfernos (Brazil), La Armada (usa), No Turning Back (Netherlands), Ponor (Croatia), Sentence (Croatia), Nine Eleven (France), The Movement (Dennmark), Burning Lady (France)…

– Elena Krsteva