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Firstborn Girl #8 • Festival for Feminist Culture

In solidarity with the silenced women artists: our protest against the censorship in music *
*Since 1979, the women’s solo voice has been eliminated from the music stages in Iran.
Women musicians can perform solo only in front of female audiences or can sing in a
choir. This can be defined as cultural genocide.
True art comes from the most sincere human emotions and it needs to have all the
freedom. The interdictions are based in the fear of women’s influence in society and
music. Reclaiming the freedom and expressing their straight and vulnerability through
music, five talented local solo artists will perform at ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО (FIRSTBORN
GIRL) #8. The all-star five are Dolores Popovic, Hana Korneti, Joana Risteska, Dimitra
Cileska and Dijana Dimitrievska (Diah). Over favourite Дiskorдia will close the Festival
this year. Women poets are an extremely important part of culture. Through their
words, they possess an amazing power to destroy the shackles imposed on people by
their religions, ethnicities, and geographical positions.

Elena Peljhan

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