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Mart – VUK (new album 2020)

The songs for Vuk were created in the past twelve years or so. We wanted to record them in different locations, to capture the space, the feeling and the unique sound that each place has to offer. So we recorded songs two by two… and two. And they were released as digital EPs. The first couple was recorded in the living room with the sounds of children and the rattles from the kitchen. The second pair is placed in the theater. On the stage. Behind the red curtain. In front of the cameras. The last pair was recorded in an especially magically designed space, before a particularly magical concert. And that’s how Vuk came into being in four years. With the immensely generous help of many who have taken the time and poured in their talents, this hairy vinyl can now be a reality.

Vuk came about as an answer. The question is unknown. But the answer is expressed in a musical language and therefore completely incomprehensible. However, in its own way, the music is able to make it completely clear. To each individual in its own way …

Music: Mart
Recording: Igor Vuk
Mixing & Mastering: Igor Vuk
Design: Ana Maraž
Booking-Iskra Tourbooking 🚐

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