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15 yrs of Noviot Pochetok

🎉 Hi friends, today is a very special day for me. We are celebrating 15 years of Noviot Pochetok in Skopje!  

Just imagine… relationship that’s lasting for more than 15 years between you and at least 3 more people … that’s insane and not easy to maintain!
A lot’s of ups and downs and spending private moments together. Living, loving, learning, compromising, caring for each other, touring, creating…

And it’s been 5 yrs since i started booking shows for them. Good friends, good times and wide smiles! The last yrs I had the chance to watch them grow as a band and individually. A band that gives nothing less than the supreme best – their heart and soul at every show, every moment and every tune. Lovely humans.

This ‘trip’ together teaches us how to be kinder, to love deeper, to be more courageous and optimistic and open minded and daily reminds us how much genuine beauty there is in the world.
Can’t wait for the next adventure! Love you!

Photo: Stefan Rajhl

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