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25.08.2023 Lelee @ Fuzija Novih Svetov, Slovenia

01.09.2023 Lelee @ Festival Tresk, Ljubljana, Slovenia

02.09.2023 Lelee @ Pank u mesto, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

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Past shows

130.07.2023 Mart @ Floating Castle, Grad Snežnik, Slovenia

07.07.2023 Mart @ KAŠev letni vrt, Ajdovščina, Slovenia

07.06.2023 Mart @ Kino Otok, Izola, Slovenia
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15 yrs of Noviot Pochetok

🎉 Hi friends, today is a very special day for me. We are celebrating 15 years of Noviot Pochetok in Skopje!   -- Just imagine... relationship that's lasting for more than 15 years between you and at least 3 more people ...…

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Interview for! The influence of the Macedonian revolutionary poetry on the alternative music scene in the region. PS Sorry, the interview is only available in Macedonian

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